Acta Materialia · 2024

Ultralight and ultra-stiff nano-cardboard panels: mechanical analysis, characterization, and design principles

Jong-hyoung Kim, Lishuai Jin, Benjamin C. Schafer, Quan Jiao, Katia Bertoldi, David W. Keith, Joost J. Vlassak

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Climate Policy · 2024

The value of information about solar geoengineering and the two-sided cost of bias

Anthony R. Harding, Mariia Belaia, and David W. Keith

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Science · 2024

Toward constructive disagreement about geoengineering: A shared taxonomy of concerns may help

David W. Keith

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Climate Change Economics · 2024

Optimal climate policy in 3D: mitigation, carbon removal, and solar geoengineering

Mariia Belaia, Juan B. Moreno-Cruz, and David W. Keith

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Nature Food · 2024

Solar geoengineering can alleviate climate change pressures on crop yields

Yuanchao Fan , Jerry Tjiputra , Helene Muri , Danica Lombardozzi, Chang-Eui Park , Shengjun Wu and David Keith

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Humanities and Social Sciences Communications · 2024

Elicitation of US and Chinese expert judgments show consistent views on solar geoengineering

Zhen Dai, Elizabeth T. Burns, Peter J. Irvine, Dustin H. Tingley, Jianhua Xu and David W. Keith

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Cell Reports Physical Science · 2024

Can Industrial-Scale Solar Hydrogen Supplied from Commodity Technologies Be Cost Competitive by 2030?

Dharik Sanchan Mallapragada, Emre Gençer, Patrick Insinger, David William Keith, Francis Martin O’Sullivan

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Environmental Research Letters · 2024

Halving warming with stratospheric aerosol geoengineering moderates policy-relevant climate hazards

Peter J Irvine and David W Keith

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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions · 2024

Exploring accumulation-mode H₂SO₄ versus SO₂ stratospheric sulfate geoengineering in a sectional aerosol-chemistry-climate model

Sandro Vattioni, Debra Weisenstein, David Keith, Aryeh Feinberg, Thomas Peter, and Andrea Stenke

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