Bipartisan Policy Center · 2024

Geoengineering: a national strategic plan for research on the potential effectiveness, feasibility, and consequences of climate remediation technologies

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Applied Optics · 2024

An Airborne Interferometer for Atmospheric Emission and Solar Absorption

David W. Keith, John A. Dykema, Haijun Hu, Larry Lapson, and James G. Anderson

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IRS2000: Current Problems in Atmospheric Radiation · 2024

Intercomparison of atmospheric radiance measurements by two fourier transform spectrometers flown on the NASA ER-2

Haijun Hu, John Dykema, David Keith, Larry Lapson, James Anderson, Robert Knuteson, and William Smith

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10th conference on atmospheric radiation, Madison, WI · 1999

Validation of Radiative Transfer for Atmospheric Temperature Sensing

Haijun Hu, L. Larrabee Strow, David W. Keith, and James G. Anderson

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Nature · 1999

The effect of climate change on ozone depletion through changes in stratospheric water vapor

Daniel B. Kirk-Davidoff, Eric J. Hintsa, James G. Anderson, and David W. Keith

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Journal of Climate · 1999

Accurate Spectrally Resolved Infrared Radiance Observation from Space: Implications for the Detection of Decade-to-Century-Scale Climatic Change

David W. Keith and James G. Anderson

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