Climate Policy · 2024

The value of information about solar geoengineering and the two-sided cost of bias

Anthony R. Harding, Mariia Belaia, and David W. Keith

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Science · 2024

Social science research to inform solar geoengineering: What are the benefits and drawbacks, and for whom?

Joseph E. Aldy, Tyler Felgenhauer, William A. Pizer, Massimo Tavoni, Mariia Belaia, Mark E. Borsuk, Arunabha Ghosh, Garth Heutel, Daniel Heyen, Joshua Horton, David Keith, Christine Merk, Juan Moreno-Cruz, Jesse L. Reynolds, Katharine Ricke, Wilfried Rickels, Soheil Shayegh, Wake Smith, Simone Tilmes, Gernot Wagner, Jonathan B. Wiener

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Climate Change Economics · 2024

Optimal climate policy in 3D: mitigation, carbon removal, and solar geoengineering

Mariia Belaia, Juan B. Moreno-Cruz, and David W. Keith

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