Humanities and Social Sciences Communications · 2024

Elicitation of US and Chinese expert judgments show consistent views on solar geoengineering

Zhen Dai, Elizabeth T. Burns, Peter J. Irvine, Dustin H. Tingley, Jianhua Xu and David W. Keith

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Environmental Research Letters · 2024

Halving warming with stratospheric aerosol geoengineering moderates policy-relevant climate hazards

Peter J Irvine and David W Keith

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The Cryosphere · 2024

Brief communication: Understanding solar geoengineering’s potential to limit sea level rise requires attention from cryosphere experts

Peter J. Irvine, David W. Keith, and John Moore

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Earth’s Future · 2024

Solar geoengineering could substantially reduce climate risks — A research hypothesis for the next decade

David W. Keith and Peter J. Irvine

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