Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems · 2024

Developing a Plume-in-Grid Model for Plume Evolution in the Stratosphere

Hongwei Sun, Sebastian Eastham, and David Keith

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Science · 2024

Social science research to inform solar geoengineering: What are the benefits and drawbacks, and for whom?

Joseph E. Aldy, Tyler Felgenhauer, William A. Pizer, Massimo Tavoni, Mariia Belaia, Mark E. Borsuk, Arunabha Ghosh, Garth Heutel, Daniel Heyen, Joshua Horton, David Keith, Christine Merk, Juan Moreno-Cruz, Jesse L. Reynolds, Katharine Ricke, Wilfried Rickels, Soheil Shayegh, Wake Smith, Simone Tilmes, Gernot Wagner, Jonathan B. Wiener

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Environmental Politics · 2024

Solar geoengineering research on the U.S. policy agenda: when might its time come?

Tyler Felgenhauer, Joshua Horton and David Keith

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Nature Food · 2024

Solar geoengineering can alleviate climate change pressures on crop yields

Yuanchao Fan , Jerry Tjiputra , Helene Muri , Danica Lombardozzi, Chang-Eui Park , Shengjun Wu and David Keith

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EarthArxiv · 2024

Expert judgements on solar geoengineering research priorities and challenges

Peter J. Irvine, Elizabeth Burns, Ken Caldeira, Frank N. Keutsch, Dustin Tingley, and David W. Keith

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Policy Exchange · 2024

The US Can’t Go It Alone on Solar Geoengineering

Peter Irvine and David Keith

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Global Policy · 2024

Parametric Insurance for Solar Geoengineering: Insights from the Pacific Catastrophe Risk Assessment and Financing Initiative

Joshua B. Horton, Penehuro Lefale, and David Keith

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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions · 2024

Exploring accumulation-mode H₂SO₄ versus SO₂ stratospheric sulfate geoengineering in a sectional aerosol-chemistry-climate model

Sandro Vattioni, Debra Weisenstein, David Keith, Aryeh Feinberg, Thomas Peter, and Andrea Stenke

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Nature Climate Change · 2024

Halving warming with idealized solar geoengineering moderates key climate hazards

Peter Irvine , Kerry Emanuel, Jie He , Larry W. Horowitz , Gabriel Vecchi , and David Keith

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