Environmental Research Letters · 2024

A multi-model assessment of regional climate disparities caused by solar geoengineering

Ben Kravitz, Douglas G MacMartin, Alan Robock, Philip J Rasch, Katharine L Ricke, Jason N S Cole, Charles L Curry, Peter J Irvine, Duoying Ji, David W Keith, Jón Egill Kristjánsson, John C Moore, Helene Muri, Balwinder Singh, Simone Tilmes, Shingo Watanabe, Shuting Yang and Jin-Ho Yoon

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Climate Dynamics · 2024

Dynamics of the coupled human–climate system resulting from closed-loop control of solar geoengineering

Douglas G. MacMartin, Ben Kravitz, David W. Keith, Andrew Jarvis

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Nature Climate Change · 2024

Management of trade-offs in geoengineering through optimal choice of non-uniform radiative forcing

Douglas G. MacMartin, David W. Keith, Ben Kravitz and Ken Caldeira

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