ecoENERGY Carbon Capture and Storage Task Force · 2008

Canada’s Fossil Energy Future: The Way Forward on Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) is essential if Canada and the world are to address the carbon challenge. CCS is an innovative process whereby CO₂ emissions from large industrial facilities are separated from the plant’s process or exhaust stream and compressed and injected deep underground into secure geological formations. Along with large-scale renewables and nuclear energy, CCS is one of a limited set of large-scale options to enable an energy-rich, low-carbon future. CCS is unique in that it can be built on the technical and institutional base of the existing fossil energy infrastructure. It can be implemented quickly (within a decade) using existing technology as the world develops next-generation, longer-term energy solutions. CCS has a role to play in broader GHG regulatory frameworks (both federally and provincially) because of the opportunity it presents. But this requires undertaking an urgent set of actions today to support CCS during its early developmental stages.

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