Novim · 2009

Climate Engineering Responses to Climate Emergencies

Jason J. Blackstock, David S. Battisti, Ken Caldeira, Douglas M. Eardley, Jonathan I. Katz, David W. Keith, Aristides A. N. Patrinos, Daniel P. Schrag, Robert H. Socolow and Steven E. Koonin

This report is the result of a one-week study sponsored by the Novim Group, a non-profit corporation dedicated to analyzing global problems from a singularly scientific perspective. Novim’s mission, simply stated is:

• To provide clear scientific options to the most urgent problems facing society
• To explore and explain the feasibility, probable costs and possible consequences of each course of action
• To distribute the results without advocacy or agenda both quickly and widely

The currently emerging scientific discourse and growing public awareness surrounding the broad subject of climate engineering made it an ideal subject for the Group’s first study. Novim’s founders and this study’s participants feel that public and professional discourse would benefit from a broad technical analysis of the subject. The study methodology was one that has proven productive in the past. A group of both subjectmatter experts and technically informed non-experts was assembled for intense discussion, debate, and writing of draft material. The draft materials were then edited and expanded into this report, which has been approved by all the participants and is published by the Novim Group. Edited portions and summaries of this report have been presented at scientific conferences, and may be submitted to one or more scientific journals. The content will also be condensed and clarified for a broad non-technical public audience, and presented through a wide range of popular media formats.

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