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American Chemical Society · 2005

Regulating the underground injection of CO₂

David W. Keith, Julie A. Giardina, M. Granger Morgan, and Elizabeth J. Wilson

When the U.S. finally gets serious about climate change, it will have to reduce emissions of CO₂ by more than a factor of two during this century in order to do its part in stabilizing atmospheric concentrations. CO₂ capture and disposal is among the most important supply-side technologies for managing the carbon problem. This technology could enable continued access to fossil energy while virtually eliminating emissions by capturing CO₂ from power plants and “storing,” “sequestering” or “disposing” of it in deep geological formations. Surprisingly, all the hardware required to capture CO₂, transport it long distances, and inject it deep underground is currently commercially available. A successful technology, however, is more than just hardware; it comprises a network of institutions, financial systems, and regulations that is able to achieve broad public understanding and acceptance.

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